• 19th Feb 2021
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My last trainee blog was posted during my first seat in the Corporate department. I am currently in my third seat in the Dispute Resolution department and around 7 months away from qualification.

I moved to second seat in Commercial Property at the beginning of March 2020. Around 4 weeks into this seat, the country went into a national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to various concerns (mainly over supervision) I, along with the other trainees of the firm, was placed on furlough.

However, the property team were fantastic in keeping in touch with me on a weekly if not daily basis during furlough, in particular Marsha Marriner. She is already incredibly busy as a Director and Head of Property, but she always took the time to keep me updated on the progress of files I was working on, to generally check on me and organise the weekly team quiz.

On my return from furlough, I went back to the Commercial Property department. I was involved with various transactions from day one and given my own files (under supervision of course) to work on from start to end, which kept me very busy. This really helped to boost my independence and confidence and I think, where possible, it is the best approach in preparing trainees for qualification.

Towards the end of my seat in the Commercial Property department, we went into a second lockdown. However, the firm was very prepared for this and we were set up to work from home without any difficult. In terms of supervision, I had video calls with the fee earners I was assisting daily, so it was very similar to being at the office. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the property team for their patience and support.

I moved to the Dispute Resolution Department in January and have been working from home since due to yet another lockdown. I am assisting various fee earners with their files. They are a good approachable team who are brilliant at keeping me involved and providing feedback.

In the meantime, I am simply trying to prepare myself for my approaching qualification which is as exciting as it is daunting.

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