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The loss of a loved one is always a difficult and emotional time, and one of the things which can make it easier for family and friends to deal with is an up-to-date, properly drafted Will. As the leading Will solicitors in Kent, Whitehead Monckton aim to make the whole process of creating a Will as easy as possible. As with everything we do, we handle matters relating to Wills and probate with sympathy, professionalism and the utmost discretion.

The importance of a Will

A professionally drafted Will prepared by one of our experienced Will solicitors provides peace of mind; with a Whitehead Monckton Will, you know that you have not only ensured that your assets will be divided up in accordance with your wishes after your death, but that you have also completed one of the most important ways of safeguarding your family's future.

It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of people who die in the UK do not have a valid Will, while one in 10 of those who do actually have a Will have not told anybody where it is. When a person dies intestate (without leaving a valid Will), or their Will cannot be located, the repercussions for those they leave behind can be enormous. In such cases, the estate is divided up according to the "rules of intestacy", which can mean that your wife, husband or partner may not inherit your property and possessions, and even your home may not pass to your chosen beneficiaries.

Having a valid Will provides peace of mind and ensures that your estate is divided up according to your wishes, but it can also:

  • Make it easier for your loved ones to sort out your financial affairs after your death;
  • Help reduce the risk of disagreements;
  • Protect your family by appointing legal guardians for your children;
  • Help save your family money when you are gone; and
  • Give you peace of mind, a very valuable commodity.

Just as you take expert advice when dealing with a divorce, buying a home or attending an employment tribunal, we believe it is even more important to seek professional advice when you consider making a Will. We will draft a Will that is perfect for your particular needs and will guide you through the process in a clear, practical and no-nonsense way. As part of our Will writing service we will also happily store your original Will in our strongroom free of charge once it is completed.

If You Do Not Have a Will

Without a valid Will, when you die your assets would be distributed under the "rules of intestacy". This sets out who should receive your assets - which may not be in line with your wishes.  We have set out more details on our "Intestacy Rules" page. To avoid this happening, you need to prepare a valid Will and our Wills solicitors can help you with this.

If You Do Have a Will

Even if you already have a Will, we recommend that you review it every five years or so in order to take account of changes to your personal circumstances as well as any changes to the latest tax laws. It may be you now have grandchildren or more than one property and may therefore want to change beneficiaries. With the recent changes to rules on Pension funds, you may be able to take advantage of this new approach to improve the tax efficiency of your future plans.

Next Steps to Making a Will

Whether you are contemplating having a Will drafted or would like to review an existing Will, one of the things we will need to do is understand your family circumstances and financial position. We have developed a comprehensive online questionnaire designed to enable you to provide this information to us. Simply click on the button "Start the Process" to begin.

If you would prefer to provide us with the necessary information by filling in a form, please download our "Succession Planning Questionnaire". You can then email the form back to us at enquiries@whitehead-monckton.co.uk, post it to Whitehead Monckton, 72 King Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1BL, or bring it with you to our first meeting.

At our first meeting we will discuss your personal circumstances and agree your wishes. Our Will solicitors will then be able to draft your Will and agree additional steps, such as the completion of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and tax planning actions as relevant. Once your Will has been drafted, we would recommend a follow-up meeting to go through the documents and sign them.

Once we have drafted your Will, you can relax knowing that you have not only made sure your assets will be divided up in accordance with your wishes after your death, but also that you have completed one of the most important ways of protecting your family's future.

Will Writing Services You Can Trust

Our expert team of Will solicitors are experts at helping families and individuals protect what is important to them. Making a Will can be a daunting task, and getting it wrong can have serious consequences for your loved ones, but we are here to help you every step of the way. We will guide you through every stage of the Will drafting process, including processing and valuing assets and liabilities, applying for the Grant of Probate, collecting in the assets, paying the debts and legacies and making the final distributions. We will also deal with all tax issues arising out of the death and will give you specialist advice on any steps which could be taken to minimise the tax liability of your loved ones.

Standard Will Arrangement

At Whitehead Monckton, we think it is important to talk to our clients about succession and tax planning at the same time as helping clients with their Wills. However, we recognise that sometimes a "standard" Will is what is required. To find out more about what is included in a Standard Will Arrangement and how much it costs, please visit our "Standard Will Arrangement" page.

Love Tenterden Loyalty Card

We are currently offering a special discount of 10% of our Will writing fees on production of the Love Tenterden Loyalty Card.

Succession Planning

Succession planning can be more than just making a Will. It can involve formulating a strategy to ensure that your assets pass to the right people, at the right time and that the right controls are in place when that happens. For the purposes of inheritance tax planning, you may wish to leave assets to your grandchildren, rather than your children, but with your children ultimately able to control the way the assets are handled. Through various mechanisms this can usually be achieved - hence why we are there to help you agree a strategy and then execute it within the constraints of the legal and tax frameworks.

Whitehead Monckton specialises in advising our clients on the best way to pass on their assets, whether that be during their lifetime or on their death. We take the time to get to know our clients and their priorities when drafting their Will.

Our Promise to You

  • We will help you focus on what is best for you.
  • We will help you achieve your goals within the best possible time.
  • We will explain things using clear non-technical language.
  • We will provide you with a clear pricing structure.

Many of our Will lawyers are members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), ensuring specialist knowledge is always available to you. 

Whitehead Monckton is ranked as a leading law firm for Personal Tax, Trusts and Probate in the Legal 500, an independent review of solicitors.

Wills & Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS)

We are delighted to be an accredited member of the Law Society's Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS). Being a member of WIQS demonstrates that we follow best practice procedures to meet the highest standards of technical expertise and client service in providing tailored Wills and probate advice to consumers. All members of our "Tax and Estate" team are WIQS accredited. Please see our "Wills & Inheritance Quality Scheme Client Charter" for the benefits of using a WIQS accredited firm.

Our team of professional Will solicitors in Kent are here to help provide complete peace of mind and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes once you are gone, so whether you would like an existing Will reviewed or a new Will drafted, please call us on 01622 698000 to arrange a meeting with our friendly and professional team.

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