Law reform to permit video witnessing of Wills
  • 6th Aug 2020
  • Article written by Amy Turner-Ives
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In the past couple of weeks, an amendment to the current law surrounding the requirements to witness a Will has been sought in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. The change to the law to allow for Wills to be witnessed by video link is expected to be made in September, and will be backdated to retrospectively include Wills that have been witnessed by this method from 31 January this year and remain in place for two years or as long as may be necessary given the current climate. Whilst this amendment has been welcomed by some, the Ministry of Justice have stated that this method should only be used as a very last resort, and practitioners have also raised concerns as to whether vulnerable people could be placed under any undue pressure or fraud to execute a Will that may not accurately reflect their own wishes.


Here at Whitehead Monckton, we would always recommend seeking specialist legal advice surrounding the creation and execution of Wills so as to negate any challenges that may arise in future against a person’s estate. If you are considering making a Will, please do not hesitate to contact us.