Spread a little kindness this Christmas
  • 17th Dec 2020
  • Article written by Bekka Fuszard
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2020 has been tough.  As a lawyer dealing with Wills, Probate and Mental Capacity, I have seen first-hand how the pandemic has affected individuals.  I have helped people with their Wills who had not previously felt it was a priority for them, I have helped people whose loved ones have sadly died and I have helped people who have seen loved ones’ mental capacity decline as a result of restrictions on how we go about our daily lives and whom we can have contact with. 


It’s not all been bad though.  The pandemic has brought out the best in many people and I have seen communities come together to ensure no-one is without essentials such as food and have heard so many lovely stories of people doing what they can to ensure people are not completely isolated and without some form of human contact.  It has reminded us all of the importance of what really matters such as looking out for each other and how far a little kindness can go. Loneliness affects many people, especially older people, every year but this year the pandemic has amplified the experience of loneliness. 


It is often said that Christmas is the season of giving and I am so grateful to work for a firm and with colleagues that give back to the local community whenever possible.  One of the things the firm has done this year is pair up with the Building a Dementia Friendly Maidstone community group to arrange cards and gifts for residents and staff at local dementia care homes and other key workers.  Many residents have felt forgotten about and others, especially those living with dementia, do not understand why their loved ones can only see them through a window or from a distance, so we wanted them to know we care and thank the staff for their hard work.  Amy and I (armed with lots of sanitiser and masks) delivered these earlier this week.  It was so heart-warming to see how surprised and grateful they were that we had thought about them this festive season.


If you can, spread a little kindness this Christmas.  Even just one small act such as a phone call, message or a card to let someone know you thought of them can make such a difference and alleviate loneliness. 

I am hopeful that 2021 will be a much better year for us all and that we, as a nation, take what we have learnt about kindness this year with us into these better times.