How to make a valid Will during lockdown – Covid-19
  • 1st Apr 2020
  • Article written by Hannah Durston
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In this unprecedented time it is important to have a valid Will in place to ensure that, should the worst happen, your estate is dealt with in line with your wishes.


It is likely that prior to the outbreak of Coronavirus other aspects of life had understandably taken priority however, events such as this can really put life into perspective and focuses the mind. It also emphasises how important it is to have your affairs in order. Without the proper provisions in place the people you may want to benefit from your estate may not be able to do so.


If something were to happen to you without an up to date Will in place, your estate will be administered in accordance with your last Will or if you don’t have a Will at all then in line with the intestacy rules. This could mean that people who you don’t wish to receive anything may end up doing so. The best way to ensure that those you care about inherit from your estate as you would wish is to ensure you have an up to date and valid Will.  


In England and Wales the formal requirements for making a Will are that it must be in writing, signed and witnessed by two independent witnesses.  Due to the country currently being on lockdown with social distancing rules in place, there may be concerns that it is now too late to draft a new Will as the requirements for valid execution are harder to follow. It is not too late to make a new Will as there are ways that your Will can still be properly executed while abiding by Government guidelines of isolation and social distancing.


Although we cannot currently offer face to face meetings, our lawyers are able to discuss  provisions for your Will either over the phone or via video call. They will provide bespoke advice and will draft your Will to reflect your wishes and can assist with the valid execution of your Will in these unusual times.


It is also important to consider Powers of Attorney and our team of lawyers can also advise you on this.


Please contact us here in order to discuss your wishes.