I want to move home

The prospect house can be both exciting and frustrating in equal measure.  There are many things to remember so here is how we can help you try to ensure everything that needs to be thought about is covered.

  • Legals.  We can handle all of the legal aspects of the transaction to ensure your rights are protected and you know all about your most valuable possession.  Click here to find out about all our services.
  • Make a Will.  Your house is going to be the most valuable asset you ever buy.  It is essential therefore that you say what should happen to it to ensure your family and loved ones are protected.  Click here to access our Will writing service.
  • Power of Attorney.  A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to choose who should look after your finances and property if you lose your mental capacity to do so yourself.  They are an essential protection for all homeowners.  Click here to access our Lasting Power of Attorney writing services.
  • Co-habitees.  If you are an unmarried couple buying a home together then there are many issues you need to address to ensure your respective rights and interests are protected in case anything goes wrong.  Click here to find out how we can help you.
  • Mortgage.  Many property purchases require a mortgage.  We would suggest you use the services of a specialist mortgage broker to help you find the very best deals currently available.  Click here to find one local to you.
  • Credit check.  As part of the financing assessment process your lender will carry out a series of credit checks.  If you would like to review your personal credit score before you make your application for a mortgage click here.
  • Life Insurance.  If you are taking on a mortgage then you need to think about how the mortgage is going to be paid off if one of you dies.  Life insurance is essential to give you this protection and is surprisingly cheap.  Click here to speak to an adviser.
  • Critical Illness & Redundancy Protection.  As with life insurance that protects you on death, so critical illness insurance will take over paying some or all of your monthly mortgage if you become so ill that you cannot work or are made redundant.  Click here for further details.
  • Removals & Storage.   If you have not already been recommended a removal and storage company to help you through the moving process click here to find a list in your local area