Lineker not a fan of lawyers
  • 29th Apr 2016
  • Article written by Sarah Brissenden
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Gary Lineker announced in January 2016 he and his second wife, Danielle Bux were divorcing. Gary has claimed that lawyers try to manipulate the situation to make parties spend more money and the parties will finish the process hating each other. Gary and Danielle had a very amicable split.

The idea that lawyers are ‘out for what they can get’ is not a new one. However, there are lawyers who actively seek to prove that they do not deserve this reputation. All of the solicitors in the Family team at Whitehead Monckton are Resolution members. Resolution is a national group of family lawyers who are committed to working in a non-confrontational and constructive way, which minimise ill feelings the parties have towards each other.

Each solicitor within the Family team at Whitehead Monckton gives each client all of the options to resolve the finances following the breakdown of a marriage, including mediation, collaboration and arbitration. We are committed to attempting to deal with matters out of court wherever possible. The alternatives to court:

  1. Reduce acrimony;
  2. Shorten an otherwise lengthy court process of about 18 months; and
  3. Reduce the burden of legal costs on the clients.

The alternatives to court are far more conducive to the divorcing couple having a healthier relationship after the divorce.  This is especially important in their co-parenting roles after a divorce. 

Gary has also called for a mathematical equation to help couples divorce quickly and easily.  This is not realistic for many people because the law is needed to protect vulnerable people from financial hardship that can result if pure mathematics dictates what money each person can live on following a divorce.  The court must retain the power to redress imbalances if the parties cannot agree an equitable outcome. 

The Family team at Whitehead Monckton are known for promoting the benefits of a divorcing couple working together to minimise the emotional and financial costs for both parties. Divorce and matrimonial finances are complex and our clients need expert advice to be aware of all relevant information and possible implications throughout the process; we are here to help, not become part the problem.

If you need advice from lawyers who want to prove that not all lawyers deserve Gary Lineker’s comments, then please call one of the Family team at Whitehead Monckton.

You can also find out more information on the family pages of our website on all of these options. The family team at Whitehead Monckton have a wealth of experience providing guidance and advice in all areas relating to separation or divorce. If you wish to discuss any of the points raised in this article, please contact a member of the Family team.