Why you should appreciate your employees
  • 1st Mar 2019
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Employee Appreciation Day is fast becoming an unofficial cause for celebration in the UK.


This has been a secular holiday in the USA and Canada which is celebrated annually on the first Friday of March by employers providing their employees with small tokens of their appreciation. Traditionally, employers provide treats, snacks, events or special recognition for workers.


I say, we should take a leaf out of their book and show our employees a little more appreciation for their hard work, dedication and loyalty.


Employees are arguably the most important asset that a business has – if a business does not have able, happy, motivated employees, it will not be able to service its customers properly.


Who wants to waste money on recruiting and training new employees, when it is far more effective to keep good employees engaged by recognising and rewarding their effort. Some studies have shown that being appreciated and valued are important drivers of employee happiness and engagement.


Showing employees that you appreciate them is a good way to strengthen employment relationships and retain happy and motivated employees. After all, a happy workplace and is productive workplace!