Family law - Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • 8th Feb 2013
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We were consulted by a client who had been in a relationship for a number of years and he and his partner wanted to marry.

There was a considerable difference in the value of the assets the parties brought to the marriage, and both parties were aware that in the unhappy event of a later breakdown of the relationship, divorce proceedings could be costly.

A prenuptial agreement was drafted and detailed advice prepared and sent to the client.  Once approved, this was sent to his partner for consideration with the opportunity to take their own legal advice.  Some further discussions meant some minor further revisions to the document, prior to its’ completion and signature before the marriage.

The completion of the agreement enables both the client and his wife to know, that if the marriage ends on divorce, the way the assets will be divided has been determined in a fashion they have mutually agreed in advance, and without significant legal costs.

              Jonathan Miller, Solicitor and Collaborative Lawyer

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