I am now divorced, is there anything else I need to do?
  • 13th May 2019
  • Article written by Sarah Brissenden
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Once Decree Absolute has been pronounced, you are legally divorced from your spouse. However, you and your ex spouse still continue to have financial claims against each other arising from your marriage even after Decree Absolute has been pronounced. It is very important therefore that you also deal with those financial claims so that you are able to move on from your ex spouse with certainty and in the knowledge that they cannot bring a claim against you in the future. Divorcees often believe that they can move on with their lives freely only to find that years later, after building up their assets or receiving an inheritance for example, their ex-spouse comes out of the woodwork and issues a claim in court.


In order to dismiss financial claims and ensure that there is no comeback from an ex-spouse, a Financial Remedy Order is required and this can be a simple dismissal of your financial claims or can set out the terms of a financial settlement agreed between you both or one ordered by the Court.  There are various ways a financial settlement can be agreed, for example, through mediation or the collaborative law approach.


You should also make a new Will upon pronouncement of Decree Absolute as divorce affects inheritance too.


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