How do I stop my former partner from controlling how much time I have with my children?
  • 18th Feb 2019
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The Children Act 1989 encourages parents to seek to agree the arrangements for children, whether that be who they live with and/or spend time with. Experience shows that agreed arrangements are more likely to be adhered to than those a court may impose.

If the parents cannot agree on what those arrangements are, and cannot resolve this by way of discussions between themselves, mediation or by way of solicitor’s letter, the deadlock needs to be broken by way of one party applying to the court for a Child Arrangements Order, and asking the court to settle the question.

The court will decide what the arrangements should be, solely based on assessment of what is in the child’s best interest. A word of caution though, a court could decide something other than what both parents suggest is best for the child.

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