My spouse wants to get divorced

It is never nice having to think about ending a relationship and of course if you are married there are many issues that need resolving.  We have a dedicated team of specialist family lawyers who can help through the process.  Use the links below to access the relevant services you should think about.

  • Divorce.  Our expert lawyers can help you through the divorce process.  Click here for further information.
  • Financial arrangements.  It can be daunting to think about how you can divide your matrimonial assets.  There are many ways in which this problem can be sorted out, with Court proceedings being the last resort.  Click here for further information.
  • Children.  The most sensitive issue often faced by divorcing couple centres on arrangements made for the children.  Hopefully this is resolved by agreement but there are processes available to help where agreement cannot be reached.  Click here for further information.
  • Wills.  Inevitably getting divorced will have an impact on how you would want to leave your assets were you to die.  Making a new Will is therefore an essential part in the process.  Click here to access our Will writing service.
  • Pensions.  It is essential that clear advice is taken on what should happen to existing pension funds and how you should structure your future retirement planning.  Click here to speak to an adviser.
  • Life Insurance.  You should also consider whether you have the right amount of life cover to help your family pay bills such as mortgages or inheritance tax.  Life insurance is essential to give you this protection and is surprisingly cheap.  Click here to speak to an adviser.