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It would be great if all business transactions went smoothly and did not result in any disputes. Unfortunately, our experience is that whilst most transactions do, there are some where a dispute can arise. These are the ones which need our assistance.


For rural businesses, many disputes can arise over boundaries, where over time usage of land has perhaps moved fences and caused a dispute to arise.  Rural businesses have a wide range of contracts, for example for sale of produce and use of facilities.  It is important that your advisers understand your business and the particular importance of these contracts and their impact.


We have a very experience team of lawyers who handle a very wide range of business disputes. It’s important to ensure a commercial approach to business disputes as any dispute will cause problems for business and may be disruptive.


Our experience highlights that disputes can be quite protracted before we are involved and therefore importantly, we will seek an early solution.  Where this is not possible, rest assured will pursue a case with vigour. We favour Alternative Dispute Resolution and can provide the full range of commercial mediation services, from the representation of clients to the appointment of an Accredited Mediator.

Can we help?