• 13th Jan 2021
    Article written by Jack Staker
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This is my third and sadly (or not sadly, depending on your opinion on my blogs) last trainee blog. What is however unique about this particular blog is that I am officially not a trainee anymore! Hurrah! Instead, I am delighted to say that I am now a fully qualified member of the brilliant family team here at Whitehead Monckton.


For anyone who reads this who has the ambition to pursue a career as a solicitor but is daunted by the prospect of the many years of study and training ahead, trust me when I tell you the feeling you get once you complete your final day and can shed your training stabilisers can only be described as euphoric! It is a long and tough road but well worth it. That being said, the prize at the end is that the real work begins….!


My last blog post was back in October 2019 and I’m pretty sure that nobody needs or wants reminding of just how tough it has been since then. The COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc with us all personally, professionally, financially and emotionally – to name but a few “ally’s”. That being said, given that we have now emerged from “the year that must not be named” I for one am looking optimistically at what 2021 may bring.


The biggest change that we have faced from my previous blog has undoubtedly been with regard to working arrangements. We, like the vast majority of office workers around the country, have had to get used to remote working. Whilst of course this save’s time and money on the daily commute, it has come with its own challenges. Saying that, the firm-wide response to these alternative arrangements has been brilliant and the IT department has done a stellar job in making sure the transition to home working has been as seamless as possible. In relation to my own home working experience, being away from the office and therefore away from my team has given me further exposure to how life will be as a newly qualified solicitor. I have had to take more responsibility for my work and seek solutions to problems myself where once I may have sought further guidance. Whilst I remained supported every step of the way by my peers, it was nice to be afforded, in one sense, the freedom to be responsible for my work in a different more liberating way.


As mentioned, I am proud to now be a fully fledged member of the family team. I was lucky enough to complete two consecutive seats with the team prior to qualification and hope that this will enable me to make a seamless transition from trainee to NQ solicitor. They are a very hardworking, competent and approachable group who have helped me no end whenever I have sought advice and so I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone within the department for their guidance and patience from the directors to the support staff. I only hope that I can go some way towards filling the void that has been left following the departure of a much-valued and missed colleague.


For the two trainees starting their training contracts this month and the two going into their second year rotations I wish you all the best and hope your periods of training are as fulfilling as mine was.

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